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Eurociencia is a company dedicated to the distribution of educational material. It has a broad range of scientific and technical products for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Technology and Engineering, for the purposes of education and research, from Primary level to University.

It was created in Spain in 1993, initially as a subsidiary of one of the major companies in the world dedicated to educational material, Jeulin, nº 1 in France for more than 75 years, that Eurociencia distributes in exclusivity. It distributes also a wide range of famous brands such as TecQuipment Limited, Didacta, Epson, Valiant, Economatics, hps SystemTechnick, Terco, Plint-Phoenix Tribology, Fitec, 3B, Panreac, Alamo, Selecta, Charmex, 3E, Hanna, Ancora, Samsung, Sony, etc... on top of its own range.

Currently Eurociencia covers the whole Spanish market, and is getting a notable penetration in several South American countries, directly or through trade agreements. In Spain, it is present in Barcelona and Madrid with offices, showrooms and its factory, in several provinces through salesmen and in the rest of country through distributors.

It has a highly trained team of Science and Technology professionals, for pre and post sales assistance, training, and installation of the equipment. On top of that a team of consultants (teachers) cooperates in the design of didactic kits and scientific experiments according to the educational programs required in each country, and designs complete educational projects adapted to these programs.

Eurociencia distributes over 8000 products, many of them assembled or manufactured by the company itself: molecular, anatomical and mechanic kits, a wide range of components, etc. The selection ranges from new technologies, such as computer aided scientific experiments to classic didactic equipment with offer for complete Classrooms such as Science Laboratories, Technology Classrooms, etc.

Periodically Eurociencia distributes different fully colour brochures to every school and university in its operational areas. Part of them are now on-line.

Its growth has been permanent since the birth of the company. Today it is one of the leading companies in the industry, with an important list of customers, both direct customers and Public Administrations: it is one of the main suppliers of the Ministry of Education, the Andalucia, Valencia, Galicia and others Autonomic Governments, schools, Universities, etc, and also handles important projects in South America: Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, etc...

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